OV64A40 - Blue Images Randomly

1. Where did you get the camera module(s)?

2. Model number of the product(s)?

3. What hardware/platform were you working on?
Raspberry Pi

  1. Instructions you have followed. (link/manual/etc.)
    ArduCam Docs Page

5. Problems you were having?

Sometimes the images are coming out with a blue colour or layer. This happens randomly. It is consistent for both cameras attached to the same Raspberry Pi 5.

I have two cameras attached to the RPi 5. Both are taking photos together (at the same time). Sometimes they both give a blue image. Sometimes they give a normal image.

The camera is taking photos every 1 minute. So I have plenty of examples.

Then the camera returns to normal.

See examples (blue):

Not Blue:

1. Why does it do this?
2. How do I stop the blue photos from happening?


It looks like the white balance is not working as expected.

Can you tell me how you capture the images? Via code or command or something else.

Hi Dion,

I just use:

libcamera-still --camera 0 -o image.jpg -n

i have same problem with

libcamera-jpeg --camera 0 --width 9152 --height 6944 -o "+ path +" -n -t 1 --lens-position " +lensPosition;

Hi @wallarug @henri
Please follow the steps below to run the bug-report script:

  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Execute the following command to download the bug report tool:
wget -O arducam-camera-bug-report https://github.com/ketai-dhr/arducam-camera-bug-report/releases/download/tools/arducam-camera-bug-report
  1. Set executable permissions for the tool:
chmod +x ./arducam-camera-bug-report
  1. Execute the tool to generate the bug report:
  1. This will output an “arducam-bug-report.txt” file in the current directory. Please put this file on the google drive or other place so that I can check it.

I need information of your Raspberry Pi to reproduce the problem on our side.



Hi Henri,
It is like a “lip-service”, hhh. But actually, I’m gona reproduce the problem this afternoon.
Just update the status and tell you that I do not forget this case.

also i have to mention that in my case the fluorescent lightbulb in the ceiling is creating interference pattern on the images so if u are unable to reproduce the lighting might be the issue.

Hi Henri,
what a coincidence. I was just about to get back to you and you gave the hint.
Yeah, I took 50 pictures with the command:

libcamera-still --camera 0 -o image.jpg -n

All these 50 pictures look normal. I attach one of them below:

What’s this henri?

I was guided by the holy spirit

This is what it is, i meant flourescent tube. This picture i took with my android camera.

But the arducam cameras get the interference pattern. I dont consider it a bug but a feature. Here u can see the interference pattern lines on picture with arducam 64mp (:

This happens with max res 9152x6944 (i scaled down the uploaded image) but for example i tested it with 1280x720 it does not happen. Something related to frequencies and exposure time.

I just confirmed by testing that the fix for the blue images is to turn off lighting in the office. The product im developing will have LED light source anyways so i dont need to change the office lighting solution.
Some more info on the flourescent lighting interference pattern:

My issue is not flurentent lighting. I have the blue images occurring without this type of light.

what kind of light do you have in your room?
have u tried turning it off and then make pictures, are the pictures still blue?