Ov5642 raw format

Hello. I’m experimenting with the 5MP OV5642 SPI/I2C camera. I’ve programmed the registers using the OV5642_1280x960_RAW settings. When I trigger a capture I get a write FIFO size of 1228808 which is 1280 x 960 + 8.

Seems there is 1 byte per pixel plus 8 extra bytes. Is that right? I’d have thought RAW format would use more than 1 byte per pixel. And what is this extra 8 bytes at the end? I have seen that with other formats also.

Hello @rde1 ,
I am also experimenting with trying to use raw image data from the 5MP Mega SPI camera. Have you been able to find, or determine, what exactly the file format is for the RAW images?

My application is very basic in a very constrained environment where I am looking for sharp changes in the color (edge detection) to determine where a specific object is within the cameras field of view. I only need to examine pixels one at a time and compare their value to the value of the last pixel to detect this. However, I have no idea how the pixel data is encoded within the bytes of the raw image file that is captured.

Can you offer any advice or guidance?