OV5642 fails on Arduino Nano 33 BLE

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I purchased Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kit from Arduino which includes OV5642 camera shield (Arducam-M-5MP). The platform is Arduino Nano 33 BLE. I followed the steps of https://www.arducam.com/docs/spi-cameras-for-arduino/software/quick-start-guide/.

Modified memorysaver.h as

#define OV5642_MINI_5MP_PLUS

use example “ArduCAM_Mini_5MP_OV5642_Plus_Functions”. Compiled and uploaded the stetch.

Then use ArduCAM_Host_V2 to check. I always got the following error: Can’t find OV5642 module!

Versions used: Arduino 1.8.13.

Please help! Thanks.
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I got some progress. In ArduCAM_Host_V2 I got the following message:

COM is open!

Set to Advanced_AWB

switch to OV5642_320x240

ArduCAM single

CAM start single shoot.

CAM Capture Done.

But the picture inside ArduCAM_Host_V2_View4 is black with grey at bottom.


You can try to shorten the length of the SPI wire or reduce the SPI speed for testing.