OV2640 mini plus JPEG quality (compression level) adjustment

1.Which seller did you purchase the product(s) from?
2.The Model number of the product(s) you have purchased?
3.Which Platform are you using the product(s) on?
Mega 2560
4.Which instruction are you following?
Examples (code based on ArduCAM_Mini_2MP_OV2640_functions)
5.Has your product ever worked properly?
Yes it works
6.What problems are you experiencing?
I am able to capture photos with the OV2640 just fine, but the compression appears too high and the image is blocky as a result. When I look at the jpeg image info it looks like the JPEG quality is set to 63. I don’t see any functions for adjusting the quality for the 2640. I see a method called OV5642_set_Compress_quality, but there doesn’t appear to be any corresponding method for the 2640. Is there something I’m overlooking, or is there a register value I can set to change this quality?
7.What attempts at troubleshooting have you already made?
I’ve looked through as much source code as I can find, and read over all the forum posts looking for a solution
8.How would you like us to help you?
Identify some register values I can change to tweak the compression quality

As an example, here is a picture I capture with the 2640

I’m sorry that the forum failed to respond to your question in time. Have you solved the problem now?

No, still looking for a solution.