OV2311, how to directly change the analog gain through registers.

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Raspberry Pi 3
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I have an arducam 2MP OV2311 mipi camera that I use with a raspberry pi 3. I wanted to know if there is any way to directly change the analog gain of the camera.

I don’t mean the rgain and bgain, but actual regular gain, in addition the I edit with V4L seems to be artificial gain added after the picture is taken. Also suspect the exposure isn’t actual exposure, but unlike the gain, I’m not completely sure.

From what I understood, I can edit the gain by changing the registers, but I couldn’t find a list of registers online and I haven’t received any sort of manual.

Is there any way to get the registers for gain and exposure, as well as the units each of them use?

And is there any other way to directly change the actual gain and exposure without editing the registers?
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Arducam has released int arducam_write_sensor_reg(CAMERA_INSTANCE camera_instance, uint16_t address, uint16_t value); API which is used to read and write register directly.

You can control the analog gain directly through writing the 0x3508 and 0x3509 register

Let me know if you need more help.

what about exposure?

and also what are the units used?

thanks for the help.


For the exposure, the units is lines, for the gain the units is db.