OV2311 2MP*2 Stereo won't work on RPI3

we purchased an 2MP*2 Stereo OV2311 last year, and it used to work fine on RPI 3b (i.e., we can configure v4l-subdev0 and capture images from video0).

We have to reinstall the OS because the sd card is not working properly. We followed the steps from Quick Start Guide for Arducam CamArray HAT Kit - Arducam Wiki, but the camera won’t work any more (libcamera-still gives error message saying camera cannot be found), also video0 and v4l-subdev0 doesn’t exist any more (we looked up video devices using media-ctl and cannot find video0 and subdev0).

We also noticed that the instruction on how to bring up the stereo camera is quite different from what we have done last year, but unfortunately we cannot find the legacy instruction any more.

can you please suggest on how to fixed the issue?


Before, I need some information

Please reboot your device and execute the following command:

wget -O arducam-camera-bug-report https://github.com/ketai-dhr/arducam-camera-bug-report/releases/download/tools/arducam-camera-bug-report
chmod +x ./arducam-camera-bug-report

This will output an arducam-bug-report.txt in the current directory.

Please send this file to me via google cloud disk or similar platform or email ([email protected])

Thank you for your cooperation and have a nice life.

hey - thanks for your prompt response.

it looks like arducam-camera-bug-report hangs there forever. I have to use ctrl+c to interrupt it. however, I did see the arducam-bug-report.txt got generated (see here - arducam-bug-report.txt - Google Drive).


sudo vi /boot/config.txt

please change dtoverlay=arducam to dtoverlay=arducam-pivariety

then reboot

if still not working

sudo dmesg | grep arducam


libcamera-still still won’t work after change the dtoverlay and reboot.

also, I double checked the config.txt to make sure it has been updated correctly. following please find the screen shot for dmsg.


Please contact my email ([email protected]).

I can help you with further diagnosis.