Omni vision camera extension

I’m trying to replace a OV2640 short-length-cable camera with OV2640 200mm-length-cable camera.
But by replacing with it, a board won’t recognize the camera.
I tried some camera modules and found the following

  • 10mm: OK
  • 63mm: OK
  • 75mm: OK
  • 100mm: NG, not recognized
  • 200mm: NG, not recognized

I guessed it’s due to degradation of signals and thinking to use a kind of repeater, redriver, retimer, or buffer to use 200mm-length-cable OV2640.

OV2640 performs based on SCCB protocol, and it’s similar to I2C protocol but totally different in the number of pins (I2C 2pins, OV2640 24pins).
Could you advise the good solution and suitable ICs to extend the cable length?

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