NV12 format for 10 bit camera


I am using an Arducam ov2311 MIPI camera with raspberry pi 4. With a fresh install of the latest 32 bit kernel each time, I have tried using the installation script and also the build from source instructions from here:

The installation script works - the camera is detected and I can use libcamera-raw. The problem is that the data is forced into NV12 format at some point, even though the selected unicam format is the one I want. That is limiting the frame rate and it is important to get the maximum frame rate.

Following the instructions above to build from source resulted in the camera not being found. I am a little wary of those instructions because there is no mention of dtoverlay being added to /boot/config.txt. Is there something else missing from these instructions?

Is there a way to change the NV12 format default?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated

More information about my setup, after installing by script