Multicam adapter: doesn't work, but does

I am currently running 4 raspberry pi v3 noir camera modules on the Arducam Raspberry Pi Multi-Camera Adapter Module V2.2.

When running, All the cameras initialize, then I get an error saying the Dequeue timer of 1206000.00us has expired, and that Unicam has timed out. However, running the file runs perfectly well and I am able to initialize every camera and see a preview for each. I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this issue, so any tips would be appreciated.


In fact, there is now a better way to use:

You can try it first, and we will write a document on the documentation website to explain it later.

whenever I try this using 4 v3 cameras, it shows camera 0, then the other 3 are blank. I saw that you had a writeup here: Quick Start Guide for Multi-Camera Adapter Board - Arducam Wiki are there any other drivers or install that we have to do from a clean fresh install of raspian?

I am using kernel 6.1.21-v8+ if that helps, and running ‘sudo dmesg | grep camera’ returns 4 distinct cameras.

not sure if I should downgrade the kernel or not, not really sure why this is happening @Edward


Are you using the new method below?

If possible, could you describe the status in detail, preferably with a picture?