Multi Camera Adapter v2.2 wont recognize all cameras

1.Which seller did you purchase the product(s) from?
My Professor ordered it for me
2.The Model number of the product(s) you have purchased?
3.Which Platform are you using the product(s) on?
Raspberry Pi 3
4.Which instruction are you following?

5.Has your product ever worked properly?
work intermittently
6.What problems are you experiencing?
I am currently experiencing problems with the Arducam Multi Camera Adapter v2.2.

Earlier this day the camera adapter was still kind of working (was only able to connect to the camera on the A connection). This also stopped working later.

I searched for several hours on the internet for solutions but nothing works. I checked the cable connections several times, so these are working fine.
I connected each camera to the camera port on the Raspberry Pi to ensure that they are working fine.

The steps I’ve tried in the last hour with screenshots:

  1. Connected 1 Camera to D (no cables in the other connections)

Camera D connected

  1. Connected all Cameras (with cables)

I think after that I restarted my Pi

  1. Connected 4 Cables but only 1 Camera to D Port

  2. Added a camera to Port A

  3. Added a Camera to Port B

  4. Connected the last camera to Port C

7.What attempts at troubleshooting have you already made?
See above
8.How would you like us to help you?
I currently dont know how to proceed further from this point. Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit: I cannot upload images, is there a work-a-round for that?

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:


From your figures,

I suggest you check your hardware or try to replace the new cables.

By the way, the camera needs an adapter of 5V 2.5A.

Hai @jnsgrss , your problem is 100% same with me. And i’m very frustased now because until now, i haven’t get the solutioin. Any ide brother how to solve this?

Actualy, this module multi camera adapter v2.2 works 100% in my jetson nano with 4 cameras IMX219 (Camera Raspberry Pi v2.1). But, in my raspi 4B, the problem is same with you