muCAM.begin() never returns on Mega 2560

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  2. Mega-5MP

  3. Arduino Mega 2560

  4. Arduino Mega or Mega 2560 — SPICamera documentation

  5. myCAM.begin(); never returns.

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  7. I’ve tried using the SPI pins recommended by the getting started page for Mega 2560 above (7, 11, 12, 13) and the ones that the Mega 2560 pinout calls for (50 - 53).

  8. I have a couple of questions:
    Which pins are supposed to be used for SPI given the getting started guide disagrees with the mega 2560 pinout for SPI?

The code i’m running is pretty simple. It’s basically:

const int CAM_CS = 53;
Arducam_Mega myCAM(CAM_CS);

void setup() {

The only thing it will print is “A”. I’ve tried a bunch of different pins and other combinations. Any ideas? Is the camera faulty?