Most Power Efficient Way to Capture High Resolution Photos / Timelapses

Hi Arducam Folks!

I am working on some scientific tools, and one project is about getting high quality photos of moths.

In our current design we use a 64MP camera to photograph a flat sheet that is lit up and attracts moths Full details on project here:

This has been working fine for us now that we can kind of get reliable photos from the 64MP camera. The problem is our little box runs out of power quite quickly and so we are trying to redesign it to last more nights.

So my question is what is the most power efficient way to make something that can take high resolution photos according to a schedule.

Right now we have RPI 4 + 64MP camera

but is there anyway to use the 64MP camera in a kind of standalone fashion?

and i also bought a Arducam 5MP camera that works with an arduino. I’m guessing we could easily hook up the arduino in a much less power-intensive way to trigger the 5MP camera, but i don’t think the resolution will fit our needs.