Mismatched motorized focus modules

I bought four Arducam 5mp motorized focus camera modules to build stereo cameras.

I built a focus test bench and used the Autofocus.py program to characterize them and I made distance vs value graphs. See attached.

I found that two of the modules tracked pretty closely and should pair nicely in a stereo camera. (Cam B and Cam D)

But the other two diverged significantly and won’t won’t focus acceptably to the same distance for a given value. (Cam A and Cam C)

Can I exchange the unmatched pair for two other cameras that are more closely matched?

Dist v Value graph 5mp

Also, I bought two 8mp motorized focus camera modules that matched up pretty nicely.


I am very very sorry for missing your questions.

Has arducam sales given your exchange?

I’ve gotten no response from Arducam.


Sorry to hear that. Please contact our [email protected] for exchange.