Metadata retrieval

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Camarray – Arducam 2MP*2 Stereo Camera MIPI Module
3.Which Platform are you using the product(s) on?
Raspberry PI 4B 8GB
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I’m using the 2MP OV2311 stereo camera module with kernel 5.4.79 and the arducam/bcm2835-unicam modules. Based on the arducamstill code I’m able to retrieve the video data, which works quite well (very low cpu load). However, I was wondering if it is also possible to also get the metadata for a frame.

It looks like bcm2835-unicam is already able to retrieve metadata for other sensors. I’ve tried to add the metadata pad in arducam.c/.ko, but I don’t seem to get any metadata via v4l2.
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Can you provide a driver which supports retrieving metadata?