Master slave setup for Arducam IMX477 B0251 on Jetson Xavier NX

I have two B0251. I want to use them in a stereo camera, which requires synchronized image input for good results. I saw a youtube video showing support for master-slave on IMX477 Arducam.
I had some following questions regarding the same:

  1. Is support for master-slave available for B0251?
  2. What are the pins(which are marked as X, G, O, F) on B0251?
  3. Does B0251 support external triggers?
  4. 1,3 for IMX519 board for Jetson Xavier?


It was supported a long time ago, but it is no longer supported, and the effect is not so good.

These feet are reserved, and you need to check the product page or ask the salesperson for specific camera support.

Sorry , currently not support.

imx519 also does not support

If you have certain needs for camera functions, you can contact sales, and they will recommend the most suitable camera for you.
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