Making a bluetooth tank using ESP8266 Arducam and Arduino Nano board

I am making a bluetooth tank using ESP8266 Arducam and Arduino Nano board.
ESP8266 UNO board and OV2640 camera module receive video in real time.
Using Arduino Nano board and HC-06 Bluetooth module by allowing the tank to move forward and backward and change direction.
I am making an app with App Inventor 2.
Create a web viewer that receives video like the attached picture.
And i am making it to display stream data in ap mode from ESP8266.
​As a result of testing, images are transmitted normally and the tank is also well-controlled.
When i actually run the app
the video in the web viewer does not display a full screen, because the Arduino Cam transmits a 320X240 size video as shown in the attached picture,
It was produced in the form of placing a web viewer inside a horizontally arranged layout.
Both modules are set to fit both height and width to the parent element.
Is there any way to get it to display on a full screen?
Thank you so much for reading my long message.
I would be very grateful if you could give me an answer that could help me.

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Hi @Margarito Lehmann,

I cannot see the picture you attached.
Can you provide the corresponding code?