M12 Lenses that gather more light for Arducam OV9281

We’re using several Arducam OV9281s as part of a tracking system. I have the version with the 70deg fov which is perfect for our needs.

Are there any lenses that can be purchased that gather more light with the same FOV? We’ve found that our system works better with low gain values.

Specs for the arducam we’re using here: https://www.uctronics.com/arducam-ov9281-mipi-camera-module-1mp-monochrome-global-shutter-camera-2087.html

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In fact, the MIPI_Camera library does not have detailed ISP parameters for lens shading, and the effect is not very good. We do not maintain it, and it is not recommended to use this function.

Hi Bin,

I don’t think we’re using any lens shading paramters? I’m talking about replacing the physical lense with a different one.


Oh, Terrible Sorry for my error message. Have you contacted our [email protected] for replacement?

Np. I thought I did email sales, but I guess not, I’ll message them now.

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