M12 adapter for 180-lens not threading to HQ backfocus ring

I purchased the 180 degree ArduCam kit from Amazon for my HQ camera. The original CS adapter that came with the HQ camera threads effortlessly onto the backfocus ring, but the M12 adapter that came with my ArduCam kit will only screw in to the backfocus ring about a half-turn and then stops.

I have another C-lens that screws effortlessly into the backfocus ring.

The ArduCam M12 adapter screws effortlessly into the HQ’s CS adapter - but using the CS adapter prevents me from bring the 180 degree lens into focus.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a chance that I was sent the wrong M12 adapter (for CS rather than C?) From the videos and diagrams on ArduCam site, it would appear that the M12 adapter for the 180-degree lens is supposed to screw directly into the C-backfocus ring.



I note that the thread specification for C and CS are actually the same - so I assume I’m hitting some slight out of specification issue on the M12 adapter. I’ve attempted to clean both the M12 adapter and the backfocus ring - each set of theads feels smooth to the touch, but still no luck.

Hello J,

Thanks for contacting Arducam about your issues. While we can make sure that each of our M12 adapters will be tested to match the HQ camera on our hand before shipping them out, some other High Quality Camera modules like yours may have a thread that is a little bit different from ours, so they might not match quite well. However, you can still manage to focus the M12 lens by threading the lens instead of the adapter fully in. Let us know if we can help further.