Low Light / Night Imaging with B0194 NOIR Camera (IMX219)

For night imaging with the NOIR Arducam B0194,

I see dark, color images outside at night (and I have a working illuminator that is always on). For reference, I have a game camera in the same space that saves greyscale images with its own illuminator and the images look fine.

Should the B0194 automatically switch to greyscale?

Is greyscale mode more sensitive than requesting RGB frames?

Any advice would be appreciated.




Sorry to tell you IMX219 does not support switch to greyscale automatically.

No problem. I think my illuminator is too weak, and my scene was too bright. I tried it in a dark room and it seems to work well. The data is in “color”, but I can convert to greyscale.


Let me know if you need more help.