Libcamera-dev and libcamera-apps - install fails, and more info on apps needed

I inadvertently updated the Raspi kernel to the latest version (5.10.103-v8+) which caused the IMX519 to no longer work.

A few days later, using the install procedures from Raspberry Pi libcamera Guide - Arducam I was able to update the driver to the latest version.

But the installation of libcamera-app and libcamera-dev fails with

[email protected]:~ $ ./ -p libcamera_dev
Hardware Revision: a020d3
Kernel Version: 5.10.103-v8+
OS Codename: bullseye
ARCH: aarch64

Unsupported package.

Supported packages:

[email protected]:~ $

The existing apps (v 0.0.5, apparently) from the prior install appear to be working. Do I need to worry that something in the background is broken?

General Questions
Why does the libcamera-app care about the kernel version? I was under the impression that the driver does the hardware abstraction? Why do you provide your own version of libcamera, and what are the changes compared to the “original” version?

Thanks for educating me :wink:

From the log, the installer does not list the supported versions, which may be the default file download failed, you can try to execute ./ -l to update the relevant files.

Yes, the driver provides hardware abstraction, but the interface provided by the driver or the access method has changed, so different versions of libcamera are required to support it. For details, please refer to:

We added support for autofocus and Pivariety series cameras in libcamera’s ipa. That’s why we provide our own version.
In other respects our libcamera is no different from the original version.

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