Libcamera-cpp-demo does not compile with libcamera0.1.0

Edwards libcamera-cpp-demo does not compile with latest libcamera

/home/pi/libcamera-cpp-demo-dual-cam/LibCamera.cpp: In member function ‘void LibCamera::configureStill(int, int, libcamera::PixelFormat, int, int)’:
/home/pi/libcamera-cpp-demo-dual-cam/LibCamera.cpp:52:14: error: ‘class libcamera::CameraConfiguration’ has no member named ‘transform’
   52 |     config_->transform = transform;

How to fix? @Edward

pi5, 64-bit bookworm
libcamera 0.1.0 that was installed with official scripts


Sorry this example will no longer be updated for the time being.

ok that is unforunate. anyways i got it to compile by commenting out that line. Also i now looked at libcamera 0.1.0 CameraConfiguration Class Reference
seems like they put this functionality into orientation variable. and u can do 90, -90 degree rotation also now before only 0 and 180 was possible for rotation so i had to do 90 transform in my own code before. +mirror transform is added

The desired orientation of the images produced by the camera.

The orientation field is a user-specified 2D plane transformation that specifies how the application wants the camera images to be rotated in the memory buffers.

If the orientation requested by the application cannot be obtained, the camera will not rotate or flip the images, and the validate() function will Adjust this value to the native image orientation produced by the camera.

By default the orientation field is set to Orientation::Rotate0.