Lens Shading Issue for OV5647 with LN001 Lens

I am using the B0031 (5MP OV5647) camera with the LN001 lens (10° HFOV). I am running Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) on a Raspberry Pi 4B. I am able to use libcamera and Picamera2.

The pictures I take appear yellow in the middle with pink around the image. Based on the information from the Arducam docs (https://docs.arducam.com/Raspberry-Pi-Camera/Native-camera/Lens-Shading/), this is a problem with the lens shading calibration. That docs page has links to some tuning files but not for the OV5647. Is there a tuning file available for the OV5647 with the LN001 lens?

I would like to attach a picture as an example, but when I attempt to upload one, it says “Sorry, there was an error uploading Unnamed(10).jpeg. Please try again.” I also had this problem when doing the new user tutorial.

Sorry, for now, we only have JSON files for imx219 modules and imx477 modules.

Do you have any information about how I can resolve this problem? The lens came in the kit mentioned specifically in the product listing for the camera (SKU LK001), so it should be supported.