Jetvarity Arducam ar0234 is not giving proper camera feed

I am using jetvarity ar0234 camera installed driver as mentions in Quick Start Guide - Arducam Wiki , when i tried ```

Hi @santhu
Have received your message from the email.
It is normal for the Jetvariety camera module to stream the video in green tint. For now, we do not have ISP control for Jetvariety camera modules, so it would show the raw image which will be more or less green.

How do i get color image? what changes i have to do ? because i need RGB image for my application

Hi @santhu
Sorry, for now, there is no solution to correct the color of Jetvariety modules. You can try the native camera modules like IMX219/IMX477 if you want RGB images. I would share the link of them:

but i need Global shutter , non fisheye lens, RGB camera for jetson nano board. Any suggestions?

You can choose the UVC camera modules which do not need to install the extra driver: