Jetson Xavier NX and Raspberry PI CM4 Module Compatibility

We are using the IMX477 Autofocus modules with two custom boards based on the Xavier NX and the RasPI CM4 modules. Both are using straight-through flex cables exposing all 4 CSI lanes to the host. We have tested both the NVidia-specific and RPI-specific modules, and have gotten both to work on the boards usually. However, some of the camera modules don’t work.

Question: What’s the hardware difference between the NVidia Nano/Xavier version and the Raspberry PI version? Do we need to buy stock in both separately?

I saw another forum link (Compute Module 4 + Arducam IMX477 B0249 doesn't work in latest Buster or latest Bullseye - #11 by wong) advising changing two resistors to 10k - this helped fix one module, but didn’t fix others.

Are there any other hardware considerations to observe when mixing Nvidia and RPI uses?

Thanks in advance!

The version that needs to modify the resistor is a bug.
The Raspberry Pi version of the IMX477 and the Raspberry Pi version of the IMX477 have the following differences:

  1. The Jetson version of IMX477 has no verification chip and cannot be used on modules other than RPI CM
  2. The Jetson version of IMX477 and the Raspberry Pi version of IMX477 have differences in the filter (does not affect the use, but the image effect is different)

As a follow up, we’ve received new cameras with “N1” stickers on them, and we’re having trouble getting them to work correctly with a custom board with a RPI CM4.

  • An older camera “M” works fine and autofocuses
  • Substituting the new “N1” camera using the same CM4 board, cable, etc. has issues: the video works, but autofocus doesn’t work (and I think auto-exposure has issues as well). Likely an I2C bus issue - writing to the 0x0C address to autofocus gives errors.

I believe these are Jetson-model cameras, but as mentioned above, they should work with the CM4. Any ideas?