Jetson Nano Orin with Quad-Camera and 4x Ethernet Extension

Dear Experts,

given a Jetson Nano Orin (8GB, SDK), is it possible to extend each of the 4 camera slots of a quad camera adapter (B0397 / UC-512) with an Ethernet extension (SKU: U6248 / UC-892) ?

The following standard set-ups already produced successful imaging at our site:

  1. Jetson → Camarray Hat → 4x Camera IMX477
  2. Jetson → Ethernet Extension → 1x Camera IMX477

The docs mentioned the following setup under “Extension Solution for Multi-Camera Kit”
Raspberry Pi → Ethernet Extension → Camarray → 4x Camera

But we want to place all the cameras at “far” separated and distributed locations, so our setup shall be:
Jetson → Camarray → Ethernet Extension RXy → Camera RXy (with y = 0|1|2|3 the MIPI camera index)

Is this setup basically technically possible and supported?
If yes,
a) are there any specifics regarding the driver software?
b) is the power supply of the Jetson sufficient and can those 5 modules be stacked, or would a dedicated power supply be required (e.g. the USB port of the camarray) ?
c) is it necessary to have a special / individual configuration on each of the ethernet extensions, like module address, camera id ?

If not, what would be other ways to connect several cameras to a Jetson Nano over “long distances” ?

Best regards