Issue with OV9281 board (UC-599) and raspberry pi compute module CM3+/32gb

I’m having trouble setting up the raspberry pi compute module 3 with the OV9281 board. I have followed your instructions on your github instructions and so far am getting errors rather than pictures. When running the ./camera_i2c program in the Utils folder I get the error “setting GPIO for board revision: a02100
Failed: don’t know how to set GPIO for this board!”

And when trying to run any file from the folder below I get the error “init camera status = 4099”. It shouldn’t matter, but I’m using the waveshare IO board.


For the CM3 board, which is different from other boards. It has two i2c interfaces.

So, you can’t use the camera_i2c script to enable the i2c. You should use our demo for CM3

In our code, we will config the i2c interface using

struct camera_interface cam_interface = {

.i2c_bus = 0, // /dev/i2c-0 or /dev/i2c-1

.camera_num = 0, // mipi interface num

.sda_pins = {28, 0}, // enable sda_pins[camera_num], disable sda_pins[camera_num ? 0 : 1]

.scl_pins = {29, 1}, // enable scl_pins[camera_num], disable scl_pins[camera_num ? 0 : 1]

.led_pins = {30, 2},

.shutdown_pins ={31, 3},


Thank you for the answer @bin, I’m also having the same issue, and ./preview-camera0 is giving a segmentation fault. has this been tested?

I believe I have followed all the steps here


Yes, I have tested it on CM3 module. Have you downloaded our new lib and run make install

to install the new lib?

Notice, using the preview-camera0 demo, you should connect the camera to camera1 interface.

Please try it again and let me know if you need more help.


Yes I did install the library,

I got a response on github page yesterday to try an older commit of library and that worked. It seems like there is a bug which was created after April 24th.

For now I’ll work with the older version and if I catch the bug I’ll submitt a PR.


Today, I have updated our library and you can try the newest library .

Let me know if you need more help.