Issue with colors using 12mp imx477

Problem with colors using 12mp imx477 , Showing Color Pink Type . Please advise the troubleshooting. Image attached.


Can you tell me the sku number of the camera?

This phenomenon is a bit like a NOIR version of a camera.

thanks for Reply.


In what scene are you using it? If it is in a dark environment, this is a normal phenomenon. This is the characteristic of this camera.

In order to shoot brighter in the dark, it will absorb a lot of red light.

can we change this to NOIR To IR NON NOIR


Sir, I would like to explain.
NoIR = No Infrared filter

Without considering the color, in order to make the image brighter, the red filter is removed, which causes the red color to be absorbed, resulting in a reddish image.

Do you mean you want to switch to a regular, IR camera(with infrared filter)?

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