Is there a timeline to get the 64mp camera to work with Bookworm on Raspberry Pi 4?

At the time of this writing, this camera is just dead weight on my desk due to compatibility issues with the OFFICIALLY supported operating system, Bookworm. In 5 months, Bullseye, which Dion has stated is the only supported operating system for this camera, will be EOL. If there are no plans for this, I intend on immediately returning this camera as it will be completely useless.

I have the same problem.
And when I posted on this two days ago, including details, my post was marked as “hidden” by a bot, until a human could review it.
I, too, am thinking of returning the camera; the advertising on the Amazon ad was definitely “false” in terms of Pi5 compatibility.
…I have a project for which this is a blocker, and I will likely have to use an inferior camera.

64mp arducam hawkeye camera works fine on my Pi4 and Pi5 Bookworm OS. I have tested it with both lite & desktop versions. full version i have not tested as i dont need it.
Here are the steps i did to get it working:

What did you do to get this working? Those instructions won’t work because /boot/config doesn’t get read from on bookworm currently. there are probably other things that are different from the other Debian distros that make this non working too. I already tried these instructions and it doesn’t work.

it worked for me because in my bookworm OS there already was symlink /boot/config.txt → /boot/firmware/config.txt so when opened /boot/config.txt with nano the /boot/firmware/config.txt was actually edited

well then if it still not work for you then post the error you are getting and post contents of your config.txt file