Is it possible to detach one camera from Camarray?

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RPi 4B
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Still trying to figure out which product to purchase. Looks like the stereo camera might work for me, but what I need is to place two cameras separately, e.g. one is on the left side of a box and one is on the bottom side of the same box. Is it possible to detach one camera from the module and move it elsewhere on a longer cable?
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Thanks for your business. Don’t worry and I will try my best to help you.

This stereo camera board does not support split. In fact, you can use our

stero hat and custom our special sensor module.

OK, I see, so I guess I need something like B0266, correct? Will this HAT also work with OV2311 cameras?



But you should use our custom ov2311 board. Please contact our [email protected] for details.



I contacted sales, but haven’t heard anything back.


Our sales did not find your email, please provide your email address, we can contact you

it’s Eugene[DOT]berman[AT]


OK, thank you.