IR cut filter control

Hi there

I purchased AR1335 OBISP MIPI Camera with switchable IR cut filter.

How is IR cut filter switched? Is it automatic based on some ambient sensor? Is it possible to control it manually from Python?

Can I change other camera settings from Python program?





Arducam OBISP camera driver is based on v4l2 standard framework. You can use the v4l2-ctl -l command

to check the control parameters. For the ir filter, you can use the v4l2-ctl -c ircut=1/0 to turn on or off the ir filter.

Let me know if you need more help.


Thanks. I have another question:

In my application I may need different ISP values , one set for “day” and one set for “night” mode. For example, I may need different exposure time for “night” and “day” mode. How do I accomplish that from python script? Do you have any example scripts to share?


I don’t have a ready-made test script, you can directly embed the v4l2-ctl -c command into your script to achieve.

Hi there

I have a problem when setting the camera parameters with v4l2-ctl if the camera is not streaming video.

In the command line, I type

v4l2-ctl -c ircut=0 # this is supposed to remove ircut filter

Now, I type:

v4l2-ctl -C ircut # this supposed to verify that ircut filter has been removed.

However, the command line returns “1” which means that IR cut filter was not removed.

I noticed that this operation works without problems if it is performed when the camera is streaming video, however whenever the video window is closed the settings default back to “1”.

I also experimented with the “vertical-flip” and it has the same issue, I assume other parameters will too.

As far as I understand this is not supposed to be this way. The parameters would reset to default values only when the camera is powered down

Is this a bug in the driver?

I need to be able to set camera parameters before launching the video, not after.How can we fix it?




It does has something to do with our driver firmware. When you start streaming on, the firmware will set the value control to the default value. If you want to set the control value before start streaming, maybe we should change our camera’s firmware.

When the camera is working. The control is normal.

Yes, this is exactly what I see too. When the camera is streaming then there is no problem.
If it is not streaming, then the settings cannot be changed.
Are you planning to fix this?


Yes we will update our firmware to independently control IRCUT. We will test it and release new version firmware as soon as possible.

Thanks for your great suggestion.


Thanks. I assume you will make those changes not just to IRCUT but other camera settings such as vertical flip, horizontal flip, etc.
When do you think the new firmware will be ready?


I have updated our firmware and make sure the IR cut control is independent of camera startup.

About flip control. I will check later, due to I will going on business next week.

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