IOTAI board using a custom ESP32 Core

I am trying to integrate the Arducam IOTAI board with They tell me that the IOTAI board is using a custom ESP32 Core. It produces the following error when compiling:

G:\Documents\Arduino\libraries\AsyncTCP-master\src\AsyncTCP.cpp: In function ‘bool _start_async_task()’:
G:\Documents\Arduino\libraries\AsyncTCP-master\src\AsyncTCP.cpp:221:141: error: ‘xTaskCreateUniversal’ was not declared in this scope
xTaskCreateUniversal(_async_service_task, “async_tcp”, 8192 * 2, NULL, 3, &_async_service_task_handle, CONFIG_ASYNC_TCP_RUNNING_CORE);


Is there any way to use the standard ESP32 Core with this board? Or a way to fix the compilation errors?


This is a showstopper with using this board in my project.


Our library is modified, you may need to refer to the official Espressif library for testing.


I don’t know what you’re saying here.


Are you suggesting that we can replace your modified core with the standard core? What would we lose?


What we have modified is only the software part, and the hardware circuit has not been modified, which means that our hardware is consistent with the official ESP32-CAM board of Espressif. If you don’t use SPI interface camera on the board, the effect of using the official core and library is consistent with ours.