Installing Arducam driver through in Docker container


My team uses Docker for all development, so I would like to use the same. I have a Dockerfile.nano starting with:
ARG L4T_IMG_TAG=r32.6.1

ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND “noninteractive”`

I would like to install Arducam driver using / -m imx477. However when I use the command, I am getting: Cannot find the corresponding deb package, please send the following information to [email protected] Kernel version: Jetson type: UNKNOWN

How to pass the Jetson type and Kernel version to Docker container, so that the inside the container can have access to these enviroment variables?


I’m sorry, I haven’t tried using scripts in docker before.

As seen in the error message, the kernel version is not being read.

Currently this information is obtained by command and does not yet support parameter input.

This is beyond the scope of support.

Do you know which command should I use in Docker container to obtain the Jetson type?


There is a more direct way.

If you have specific version information, you can download our installation package directly to download

Our script does the same thing