IMX708 Low resolution in .dng file using libcamera-still -r 1

I am trying to get raw images using libcamera-still using the -r 1 option to get a dng file (easier to process), but when I execute the following (with or without width and height)

libcamera-still -o borrame.jpg -r 1 --immediate --width 4608 --height 2592

the dng file has a low resolution of only 288x162 pixels instead of full resolution.
How do I get the real resolution in the dng files?
Or how can I open the raw files from libcamera-raw?


I tried your command and you can see that there is no problem with the data.
You can check the amount of data with ls -lh.
The dng contains a preview image, if you want to see the full resolution image, you can use related software to convert it.