IMX519 Quad-HAT Mode switching and FAQ

This post will introduce some modes and common problems of IMX519 Quad-HAT.
If the FAQ does not solve your problem, please start a separate topic to ask the question, and attach the following information:

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Quad-HAT Register Description:


# Set to single channel 0
i2cset -y 10 0x24 0x24 0x02
# Set to single channel 1
i2cset -y 10 0x24 0x24 0x12
# Set to four in one mode (Default)
i2cset -y 10 0x24 0x24 0x00
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Question 1: Driver Installation
The 16MP Quad-Camera Kit(B0388) and 15-Meter Cable Extension Kit(U6248) require the “low speed” version of the driver:

wget -O
chmod +x install_pivariety_pkgs.s
./ -p imx519_kernel_driver_low_speed

Question 2: Output the wrong image
Similar to the following image:

The current known problem is that the wrong driver is installed, please refer to the Question 1 to install the driver.

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Question 3: I cannot use the camera in the Quad-HAT alone.
The camera in the Quad-HAT is a special version, it cannot be used independently of the Quad-HAT.
The normal version of the camera also cannot be used with Quad-HAT for the same reason.
For the difference in hardware, please refer to:

Question 4: Embedded data buffer parsing failed
I encountered the following error when running libcamera-still:

[0:03:06.155175813] [1273] ERROR IPARPI cam_helper.cpp:180 Embedded data buffer parsing failed
[0:03:06.220794407] [1273] ERROR IPARPI cam_helper.cpp:180 Embedded data buffer parsing failed
[0:03:06.287816386] [1273] ERROR IPARPI cam_helper.cpp:180 Embedded data buffer parsing failed

This is because the 16MP Quad-Camera Kit(B0388) and 15-Meter Cable Extension Kit(U6248) do not output Embedded data, you can use the latest SD Card image and install the corresponding libcamera_dev and libcamera_apps, in the latest version we disabled Use of Embedded data.

Question 5: How to use Quad-HAT to capture maximum resolution
There is currently no way to capture four images at maximum resolution at the same time, but you can switch the Quad-HAT to single-channel mode and shoot one channel at a time.
For channel switching, please refer to:

Hello everyone just wanted to share, a potential solution to the static image problem with the imx519 quadhat,

I just got mine and I am using a raspberry pi 4b and I encountered this problem and a fix I found was to use the Bullseye 2022-1-28 release raspian image
( Index of /raspios_armhf/images/raspios_armhf-2022-01-28 )

which after following this guide:
( )

works perfectly, but I do hope that the arducam team could help fix the issue because as of 8 Dec 2022 the Bullseye 2022-9-22 release it is still not supported (or it doesnt work for me)

I found the solution on this forum thread ( IMX519 output purple static on quad hat - #17 by erikh ) and would like to thank @Dion and @ok755 for helping find a solution

just wanted to post incase some one is having the same issue

Hi Judono,
What a warm-hearted person you are! We are busy with moving the new Docs website(a brand new one)
Hence, it may be hard for us to spare time to claim these solutions in the fourm.
Thank you very much! Our Arducam community will be better and better because people like you join it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: