Imx477 driver 4-lanes

Hello ArduCam,

is there an IMX477 driver enabling to transfer camera feed through 4 lanes on raspberry Pi 5?

Thank you

No, there isn’t.
Because imx477 is one of the native modules, we are waiting for the Raspberry Pi official to release the support of 4 lanes on Pi 5.

Unfortunately raspberry pi is well aware of this request / issue since at least end of 2020 and still there is no driver update:
4 lane CSI & IMX477 Camera Module - Raspberry Pi Forums
“If there is a point that Raspberry PI are looking at supporting a 4 lane configuration for the IMX477 then the driver will be updated accordingly, otherwise it needs to be a discussion with Sony or the 3rd party manufacturer making the sensor module.”

lately they responded to another topic:
Recording 4k with raspberry pi5 and HQ Camera - Raspberry Pi Forums
“For your Arducam IMX477 you are going to have to speak to Arducam support to get them to enable 4-lane output through their driver.”