IMX327 Camera on RPi5 and Bookworm

  1. Where did you get the camera module(s)? Amazon
  2. Model number of the product(s)? B0442
  3. What hardware/platform were you working on? RPi5
  4. Instructions you have followed. (link/manual/etc.) Lost track
  5. Problems you were having? Making the camera work consistently and with Picam2

I started this thread in the “Pi5/Bookworm compatibility” thread but I figured I would move it to a new thread since I usually get dinged on posting new topics in existing threads plus I have more information from my original post.

In the original question, I simply could not get my imx327 (Arducam #B0442) to work with the RPi5 and bookworm. I’ve had this model camera working on an RPi4 with buster just fine. All I could get was “no cameras available” when trying to get an image with libcamera-still or with a python program that works with a Pi V1.3 camera on the RPi5 and an identicle imx327 camera on a RPi4.

Since that post, I found another thread on this forum, “Running B0423 - IMX462 on Pi5 bookworm”, (Running B0423 - IMX462 on Pi5 bookworm - #3 by ronaldvt) that pointed me to a “new_imx290.json” file and a libcamera-still command to get an image from the camera. I downloaded the .json file and tried the command, “libcamera-still -t 0 --tuning-file ./new_imx290.json”, and it worked. I got a nice image from the camera. So I guess that at least proves out that all of the hardware works. The problem is that the only way I can get an image is from that command. I haven’t figured out what I need to do to get an image with the libcamera-still.

I was thinking it would be as simple as replacing the “imx290.json” file in the “/usr/share/libcamera/ipa/rpi/vc4” directory with the new .json but that didn’t work. I still get the “no cameras available” message if I try to get an image with both raspi-still without the tunning prameter and with Picam2 in python.

That’s where I’m stuck for now. Would appreciate any help I can get here.

Hi @BamBam


I thought that you need to add tuning file on the Picamera2 code. You can refer to the link below to learn how to load tuning file on a Picamera2 code.

That worked. I added the line “tuning’…” and added the "tuning=tuning parameter to the “picam2-Picamera…” and I got a picture. I thought I had tried that earlier but that may have been before I downloaded the new imx290.json file.

But still a question. Is this a permanent thing that the tuning file has to be added in the libcamera-still command and the python code or will there be a patch in the future that only requires the imx290.json entry in the config.txt file.