IMX298 can't be initialized on RPI CM3+

Hi there, We have tested the IMX298 on RPI 3B+ and it works as expected. However, when we use it with a RPI CM3+ (with this official Dev Kit) the provided examples (preview, capture, video, etc) return code 4100 and 4099 when initializing. We can use the same SD card and camera on a RPI 3B+ and it works fine. Has anyone run into this issue? What could the return codes 4100 / 4099 mean?

Thank you very much in advance, Michael

To use MIPI-Camera on CM3 you need to make the following settings:
Configure CM3: Attaching a Raspberry Pi Camera Module to the Compute Module IO Board
Modify the program: modify the cam_interface in preview-camera0.c.(The default configuration is the wiring in the official example.)

Finally compile and use preview-camera0:
make preview-camera0