Images all green or too dark


I pointed the arducam stereo hat at my monitor. As you can see the image is way too green / unusable.

I have the latest code from github.

To get started with my work I need a single stereo picture from the Arducam.

Is there a ‘hello world’ out there that works?

Am I expected to take the demo code and API, and figure this out myself?

Thank you.

too green

I found that if I hold the button to increase the exposure, the new exposure value ‘sticks’ and the image brightens.

However, when I increased my Rgain and Bgain to 150 and 150, the left camera turned to noise, and the exposure value seemed to be lost (completely dark again).

I’m curious if this is a silicon or software problem?



Sorry to hear your problems.

We are now in Chinese New Year’s holiday. After we come back to company, I will help you test oid and solve your porblems.

As normal, after you adjust a suitable value for exposure, just use arducam_set_control API to set the value.

The gain value is nothing to do with the exposure value.


I’m facing the same problem: image too dark and green. Any solution could be provided?

Thanks a lot!


Recently, we are keeping on working on tuning the quality of the sensor. Due to without the hardware ISP, the original image does not really good. We have updated our sensor configuration. The the future, we will release new product with ISP procession.




When I use following command for setup testing, the images are normal color.

raspistill -t 0 -p 800,100,1024,768


But, When I do the at the “Depth Mapping on Arducam Stereo Camera HAT with OpenCV” , I got all the green images. I don’t know this is the fault h/w or s/w setting, anyway, after next step,, at step could not finished.


Is this related the green color problem?

Please help me find the solution.

You can try to open the software white balance in the script.


I am using the 4 cameras adapter V2.2. It seems like the camera A, B, and C are pretty stable; however, the camera D get darker after 30 seconds of video streaming. I discovered that if I covered one of the cameras in port A, B, or C, camera D started to get brighter again. Is there any way I can improve this?

Also, videos start to show green and noise at 4 minutes of video streaming.


Frankly speaking, the multi-camera board is designed for still image not for real video.

This demo we built for video is mimic the video streaming, the performance is not very good.

We now have an upgrade version stereo camera HAT for raspberry pi camera, will release soon.

I am facing the same problem. None of above helped. Has anyone did something about this? Is there any solution to this? In case the 8mp stereohat was not designed for video (which I really do not understand) how is one supposed to calibrate it? Thanks for any help.