How to set strobe's registers in OV9281?


I am trying to use the strobe in the OV9281 module, but I am facing some difficulties.

  1. Which registers should I change? I am following this guide <>. Here says to set the register 0x3006 to 1 than the Strobe is in Output mode. It also says to change the register 0x3928 to 0x1A or 0xFF. But it also says to change the registers 0x3925, 0x3926, 0x3927 to 0x00.

  2. In which program should I implement this changes? I saw this Forum topic <>, that it was possible to do it in “arducamsill.c”. Tried to do it, but I was not sucessfull.

May someone help me?



We have release a document about how to set the 9281 camera to strobe mode. Please visit here :

You can set the register in the arducamstill.c using arducam_write_sensor_reg API


  • @brief Write sensor register.
  • @param camera_instance camera_instance Type CAMERA_INSTANCE, Obtained from arducam_init_camera function.
  • @param address Sensor register address.
  • @param value The value you want to write
  • @return error code , 0 success, !0 error.
    int arducam_write_sensor_reg(CAMERA_INSTANCE camera_instance, uint16_t address, uint16_t value);

Thanks for the answer! It helped me a lot!

I would like to know if you have the OV9281 datasheet and manual to share with me. I would like to take a better look at the registers addresses and values. You may send it to my email:

[email protected]




Have you received the ov9281 datasheet from arducam?


can you please share the link to the document on “how to set the 9281 camera to strobe mode”.
The provided link in your old comment is not working.

Thank you very much!