How to set custom frame rate or send custom register values to OV2311?

  1. Where did you get the camera module(s)?

  2. Model number of the product(s)?
    ‎B0353: Arducam Full HD Color Global Shutter Camera for Raspberry Pi, 2.3MP AR0234

  3. What hardware/platform were you working on?

  4. Instructions you have followed. (link/manual/etc.)
    libcamera and libcamera-apps - Arducam Wiki

  5. What help do you need?

This question was already discussed back in 2020 in

that OV2311 sensor should support 640x480@180 fps mode, but current arducam configuration prevents that. Is it possible to modify configuration, may be some .cfg file to send custom register values to increase FPS and make other sensor configuration changes?
Thank you


Yes, we do not publish a minimum resolution supported by the sensor.

Sorry, there is currently no plan to support the minimum resolution of this sensor, and the configuration of this camera does not currently support user modification. If you need, you can contact [email protected]

I guess I made a mistake of buying ‎B0353, which is not as configurable as I hoped.
In the past I bought other arducam camera MT9P001, which was fully configurable and perfect for my needs,
but it was a rolling shutter camera, but now I need a global shutter camera,
Could you, please, list which of your global shutter camera boards are configurable?
I do not want to make the same mistake of buying a dumb camera board again.
Thank you

Dear Jhnlmn,
Sorry to hear that. Let me know some more detail about what you need.
Firstly, I need to know which platform you are using? windows or Ubuntu?
Secondly, what the interface type you need? The USB interface or the MIPI interface or the DVP interface?
You said in the past you bought arducam MT9P001, i think you are using Arducam USB camera shield platform with dvp interface, right? If possible, you can attach me a hardware connection 's diagram.
I am waiting you response.

“I need to know which platform you are using? windows or Ubuntu?”

I can use any platform and any interface as long as it easy to install, so I would not have to spend more than few hours to setup.
USB interface is good (like in MT9P001) - it works with any platform, PI/MIPI is good too.

I need an affordable global shutter camera with external trigger line and ability to configure registers to experiment with
custom settings, like very short exposure, very small roi, very fast frame rate.

MT9P001 had a hardware trigger line exposed and it had registers accessible, which made it great for stroboscopy kind experiments.
But was was not perfect because it was rolling shutter.

Thank you


Maybe this product is right for you.

Does it have trigger line? I do not see it being mentioned.
Does it allow changing registers?
Thank you