How to manually set White balance to the output image, there is a slight greenish tint to our output

Hey all,
The out that we are getting out of our arducam 108MP camera has a slight greenish tint, and it fixable if we check on the AutoWhiteBalance on the GUI,

But I cannot find a way to fix it while running it with python script. I’ve tried editing 0x5000, 0x5D00, 0x5D01, 0x5D02, 0x5D03, 0x5D04, 0x5D05. still these registers are not reacting to any of the changes made or storing my updated values for say.

Also there is no option to AutoWhiteBalance the image while operating camera on 12000X9000

I attached the pictures for your reference.

There is also an updated document, FYI.