How to connect 6 pi cameras to one pi

I have a growing rack that has six levels on it, and I’d like to attach a pi camera to the bottom of each level to look down on the crops below. The rack is about 270cm tall, and the pi would be mounted on the side of it, halfway up.

I see that one of your adapter boards can handle 4x from one board. Would I be able to add a second board to connect two more? How would that work?


Thanks for your interest in Arducam products. If you want to use two adapter boards, you should use two pi boards. Consider signal quality, One adapter board just can connect four cameras and unable to expand.

I ask because I found this picture on Amazon and wanted to know if this is actually possible or not…



The product you see in the picture is our old version. Considering that the signal quality problem in the case of multiple cameras has been discontinued. Sorry for our images mislead you.

Can I ask what happened with the signal quality?

My use case would involve just taking still images at an interval, not video. Would signal still be an issue?


If it is running six ov5647, there should be no problem. But we have discontinued production, and recently we considered upgrading to improve signal quality.