How is the HFOV of a lens impacted by changing from a 1/4" sensor to a 1/3"

If the same M12 threaded lens is used on cameras with 1/4", 1/3.2", and 1/3" sensors what is the impact upon HFOV?

What is the impact upon the evenness of light saturation center to edge?

What is the impact upon field curvature such as pin cushion or barrel distortion?


Belated reply but in case it’s still useful…

For the same lens, the HFOV will increase as you go from smaller (1/4" ) to the larger (1/3.2") and larger still 1/3" sensors.

The roll-off in uniformity of illumination will typically be worse as the sensor size goes up, but if the lens was designed to be used with the larger sensors this shouldn’t be an issue, and probably won’t be noticeable.

The distortion is a fixed feature of the lens, but with smaller sensors as you’ll be using a smaller portion of the FOV any pincushion or barrel distortion effect will be less obvious. So most visible with 1/3" and least with 1/4"