high resolution, high speed camera


I’m new in this field.

We need a high resolution camera (1 MP or more) at high speed 100 fps, 200 fps would be even better.

We want to follow the whisker movement of a mouse as it doing a foraging task in a maze. We have a first camera viewing the maze globally. its signal is sent to a software, Ethovision, which modelized the mouse trajectory and export in real time the X,Y coordonnates, which will be sent out to pan-tilt motors, fine!

Now, I need a camera focusing of the head of the mouse filming its whiskers at high rate and high resolution.

Somebody has some suggestions?

We have replied you through email

dont just looking at the FPS and resolution only, when you try to use a high speed camera, there more things you need to consider about , I hope this post will help, it shows you how to chose a high speed camera. you have a good day.