HELP ..T_T......problems with autofoucs on 64mp

I don’t know the reason, the object is about 50cm far from the camera (64mp).
It always autofocus and lose a little bit focus while taking the picture. The point is that I don’t know it focused very well and then lose a little bit foucs while taking img.
The code I used is
libcamera-still -viewfinder-width 2312 --viewfinder-height 1736 --width 9152 --height -6944 -o “my file name” --autofoucs-on
(I’m using pi4 and I think everything is up-to-date, I just re-installed everything included the system)

I also tried continue autofocus but seems not good.
Any idea???

It’s like it’s very good at focusing and then it lose a little bit foucs and then take image… what I should do? Thanks a lot .

。。。好像增加viewfinder 就清楚了但是又image buffer allocation error了。。。。我用的是lite 64 我自己装了desktop不知道是不是问题,快哭了,project做不出来