Help needed - Strobe output

Hello there.

Thanks for your camera, it is outstanding. What I cannot do is enabling strobe output in order to drive flash.

I did found some post about setting registers 0x3b08, but it does not work, also IMX219 datasheet suggests other values, but I failed all of my attempts.

I hooked oscilloscope to strobe and ground hoping to see something, but no luck.

Please advise.



Thanks for your positive comment for arducam camera.

Tomorrow I will try to enable strobe output. But I am not sure I will success.

Sometimes, the sensor’s registers do not open for us.


Thanks a lot! I hope you’ll have some good news for me.




I have discussed with the team engineer, and we did try to debug the signal before, but nothing happened. I am very sorry to tell you it.

That’s really bad. So it means strobe pad is there for no reason? Do you think I can use GPIO used for IRCUT to somehow do the flashing? I can make camera led on and off so maybe it is worth trying…


We don’t get the sensor’s official support. It is very difficult.

Generating stroboscopic signals via an external controller is another option. We don’t have a specific plan right now.

Were you able to figure out the STOBE output ?

Maybe you can custom our pivariety camera, we have evaluated and and generating stroboscopic signals via an external controller. For the detail about the custom, please refer to the [email protected]