Have trouble connecting my esp8266 uno board in station mode

I’m having trouble connecting my esp8266 uno board in station mode. In your tutorial, it says to enable station mode, to write change the WiFi type from 0 to 1. But I can’t get it to work.

I have an ov2460 arducam 2mp plus with an esp8266 arducam board. Whenever I set up either an example in web server or just on capture, I can’t get it to connect to the internet via station mode.
AP mode works fine. I can see myself with the camera no problem , it’s just getting into station mode. I’m still in the process of learning coding, so I’m not too savvy with it.



In the demo, when using sta mode, your client and server must be in the same wifi. In other words, if you access the esp8266 picture using the PC webpage, then your PC and esp8266 must be connected to the same router.

Also make sure you are quite close to your router. The onboard antenna only really works for a short range.

Yes, compared to ESP3, the signal is not very good. But the sta mode is also related to the strength of the signal transmitted by the router.

Ok. I will try that. At the moment, it just tells me Wdt reset. Even with my code programmed with my internet username and password. I will try to bring my router closer.

So there shouldn’t be any issues with this ? It should work just as easy as it is in access mode ? It doesn’t have a tutorial on this, only on the ap mode. I’ve been at this for weeks. So I’m going to move my modem closer and see what happens. It’s in another room at the moment.


Wdt reset is the debugging information of the system, you can ignore it, it does not affect the use.