Getting a compiler issues when uploading the sketch

I am having issues in getting an Arducam Mini camera shield w/5mp 0v5642 for work. I am doing all the necessary requirements to get it anitiated but not working . i am getting a compiler issues when uploading the sketch.

Attached is the images of hardware connections. And i was getting a compiler error!

In file included from C:\program files (x86)\arduino\libraries\arducam\examples\mini\arducam_mini_5mp_plus_0v5642_raw\arducam_mini_5mp_plus_0v5642_raw.ino:10:0:C:\program files (x86)\arduino\libraries\arducam/arducam.h:103:10: fatal error: memorysaver.h: No such file or directory #include “memorysaver.h” ^~~~~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated. exit status 1 error compiling for board uno. I don’t understand because i am able to upload the blink sketch with no issues.


The above compilation error is usually caused by the compiler not being able to find the ArduCAM library file. If you are using the Arduino UNO board, you need to download the ArduCAM library to the installation path of Arduino IDE. Then select the correct board and demo in the IDE to compile. The following figure is the path of the ArduCAM library in my computer:

If there are still problems, please refer to the following link: