FSTROBE Output with Jetson Nano

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I’m interested in using a strobe with the IMX477 camera (model B0249).

I noticed that the board has the FSTROBE pin exposed.

I’m wondering how to enable this pin to output signals for external flash triggering on Jetson Nano.


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Hi @mikel ,

We are very sorry, but there have been some problems in our system recently, which caused us not to see your reply.
Not sure if your problem has been resolved, here is the response to the problem:

This requires modifying the configuration of the camera.

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Hi Wong,

What modifications would that entail?
Could you be more specific on what changes are required, either hardware/software or both.

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Hi Wong, could you please explain what is needed?

Hi @grunky

You need a detailed data sheet to configure it (this is not easy to obtain)

In the old version of JetPack, we provide a driver in the master-slave mode. If you are interested, you can try it: