Focus Issues on Arducam IMX477 HQ Camera Module IR-CUT

Hi All,

So I’ve decided to move away from the official HQ camera and move to the Arducam IMX477 HQ Camera Module with IR-CUT as my project requires an IR cut filter.

After doing some experimentation, I have noticed that there are some focus issues with the camera. I suspect this might have something to do with the actual IR cut filter that has been added to the Arducam sensor board and not the actual lens itself.

You can see from the pictures below that there are large parts of the image that are out of focus whilst only a small area is in focus. This is consistent as I move the focus in and out.

I understand that there will be some focus issues around the edge of the lens due to it being wide angle, but should it be this far out close to the center of the sensor?

I’d appreciate any help and if you could take a look at the images below.